About the company

Sopharma Buildings REIT is a special purpose investment company under the meaning of the Bulgarian SpecialInvestment Purpose Companies Act. The subject of the business activities of the company is investment of the monetary funds,raised through the issuance of securities,in real estate (securitization of real estate) through the purchase of ownership and other corporal rights over real estate, execution of construction and improvements for the purpose of assigning them formanagement, renting, leasing or leaseholdand/or sale.

The company was established on July 6th, 2007 and was registered with the Trade register under Decision № 1 dated Aug 14th 2007 under company file №12390/2007 of the Sofia City Court. The Company was established with an unlimited term.

Sopharma Buildings REIT’s license for its special investment purpose activities is № 59-ДСИЦ/28.01.2008 as per Decision № 1637-ДСИЦ of the Financial Supervision Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Sopharma Buildings REIT has a registered capital of BGN 649990.

Sopharma Buildings REITis a public company as per the Bulgarian Public Offering of Securities Act, whose stocks are registered for trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.